Commitment to Quality

cleantelligentCleanTelligent Janitorial Software is our quality control technique that enables us to manage, monitor, and improve every aspect of our work order. This application is available via Smartphone and tablet, allowing for mobility and real time updates that can be done on-site. The innovative software helps us collect customer satisfaction data and extract the data on a consistent basis to correct irregularities.

This innovative method helps us collect customer satisfaction data. This approach will be beneficial for quality assurance and addressing any issues associated with it. We regularly extract the reports to detect if there is any service aspect that needs to be improved. When the supervisor finds less than perfect service, he/she will meet the employees and retrain them through the online training program.

syssureSystemSURE Plus is our supplementary tool to ensure the quality we provide. It is an ATP hygiene monitoring system capable of verifying cleanliness within seconds and a proven scientific procedure to make sure there are not any harmful microorganisms on the surface. The system is known for its user friendly process, repeatedly reliable results, accuracy and sensitivity.

We are constantly looking for newer tools for better quality control. Regular inspections, trainings and customer reviews are other methods we use besides Cleantelligent and SystemSURE Plus.

We use environmentally-responsible green seal certified cleaning products that are safe for people & the planet.

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