Farrow System® Original Vapor Blasting Solution
is environmentally friendly and
an ideal solution for cleaning and restoration.

Modern Facilities Services are New Jersey’s exclusive dealer and operator of Farrow System® Original Vapor Blasting Solution. The Farrow System uses a unique, low-pressure cleaning solution that is environmentally friendly media. The patented process is introducing heat into the process. Our systems achieve maximum performance with minimum pressure, cleaning any surface without damaging it.

We use the only method that adds heat to the slurry mixture to harness the power of free flow in the vapor, causing the media particles to be suspended in the vapor. The result is a more even and consistent blast pattern in cleaning.

Wet Abrasive Blasting System

    •   Fully Pneumatic Controls
    •  Reduces Airborne Particulates by Over 90%
    •  Uses 50-75% Less Abrasive Compared to Dry Blasting
    •  Compact System, Complete with Air and Water Supply

We use environmentally-responsible green seal certified cleaning products that are safe for people & the planet.

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